540.344.0931   10 E. Church Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24011

Who We Are

Founded in 1947 by local citizens, Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley (MHARV) is our community's oldest nonprofit mental health organization. For more than six decades, MHARV has educated people about mental health and mental illness and connected them with community resources for treatment and support.

Today, we continue to work for America's mental health and for victory over mental illnesses right here in the Roanoke Valley. Through advocacy, education, and community services, MHARV:

  • reduces the stigma surrounding mental illness;
  • increases public knowledge of mental health issues;
  • offers resources for children and families; and
  • provides access to quality mental health treatment.

Strong financial support and volunteer involvement from our Board of Directors and our members enable us to make a difference in the lives of many individuals in the Roanoke Valley.

2014 Board of Directors

Kenneth O. Robison, II, President
Tim Steller, President-Elect
Danna Owen, Secretary
Andrew B. Agee, Treasurer
David Nuckolls, Immediate Past President
Susan E. Bentley
R. Webb Burns
Lyn Day, Ph.D.
Jo Ann Durham
Ann M. Ferguson
Gudrun Freeman, Ph.D.
Terrell Holbrook
Maxine Joiner
Rosann Kryczkowski
Mariana Laughlin
Frank Leftwich
Jeffrey Logan
Paula Mitchell
Walton F. Mitchell, III
Kathy Murphy-Stephenson
Clifford A. Nottingham, III, M.D.
Enrique Perez, M.D.
Deirdre O. Rea
Richard Robbins
Carol Rowan, Ph.D.
Tammy Tedesco
Margie Twigg
Ellen S. Weinman
Hugh B. Wellons
Andrea C. Wright

Honorary Lifetime Director

Charles H. Holland. Ph.D.

Executive Director

Diane Kelly